Technologies And Applications

We offer complete consulting solutions, covering the complete stack. iOS, Windows and Linux application programming and software solutions for Microchip and FPGA verification.

ASIC Design and Verification

Experience in ASIC design and verification. Experience in RTL design, UVM and emulator based verification as well as synthesis and linting tools.

FPGA Design and Verification

Experience on design across the full spectrum of low-end CPLDs to high end SoC. Proven track record on ARM enabled devices including Zynq and Cyclone.

Firmware Development

Experience in bare metal and RTOS solutions on a wide range of hard and soft processors.

Embedded Linux

Experience in kernel customization, and system design utilizing both user and kernel spaces.

Device Drivers

Experience in device driver development and verification for all OS including Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OSX.

Data Science

Wide range of expertise in data processing, mathematical modelling, regressions, machine learning and forecasting.


Experience in all levels of networking from physical to transport. Experience in both RF and visible light communications.


Accelerate your robotic application through the use of open source solutions and ROS framework.

Financial Technology

Design, verification and performance analysis of automated trading algorithms, trading bots and exchange interfaces.

The Team


"We work closely with the client, from specification to implementation and final verification in order to deliver high quality software and firmware systems that cover the application requirements."

Angelos Spanos, Technical Director, Founder


"We analyse our clients’ needs in depth and focus on delivering a robust solution which takes them where they need to go in both a time and cost effective manner. This result-oriented approach is our best asset."

Dobroslav Tsonev, Solution Architect


  • Alex Hudson
    Angelos has been a great asset to our company. His exceptional levels of discipline and professionalism have always been deeply appreciated by everyone in the team. He can steer complex design investigations and adapt quickly to changes in direction. As well as his deep knowledge of firmware development, he has a broad understanding of how to configure working systems and his ability to communicate a consistent approach across a diverse set of people is second to none. We contracted Consenso to lead our wireless telecommunications transceiver electronics development and thanks to his expertise in the field and multiple skillsets, we were able to move forward quickly in the time that he was with us. Angelos has a strong sense of integrity, an unshakeable sense of realism and a reliably cheerful attitude. We’ve checked his earlier recommendations and they’re absolutely consistent with our experience. Congratulations to the next company that employs his services!
    Alex Hudson
    Founder and CEO at Tethir - FSO 2.0
  • Anthony Wilson
    Angelos helped us expedite a product solution and did it brilliantly. He has a wide area of knowledge and experience. Flexible, easy to work with and gets up to speed on new subjects quickly. Excellent with Linux.
    Anthony Wilson
    Senior Software Engineer at Quantumn Leap Tech
  • Fabrizio Gaudenzi BEng(Hons) MSc MIET
    Angelos is an excellent FPGA, embedded Linux and firmware design engineer. He offers outstanding attention to detail, high quality reliable deliverables and he manages to deliver systematically on-time. I have assigned to Angelos limited company a series of tasks aimed at creating the next generation of FPGA based ultrasound products and I couldn't be happier with the results. He has managed to understand the mathematical theory of ultrasound applications, our implementation and build upon it in an organic way I highly recommend him to other technology companies in the field of FPGA and firmware design.
    Fabrizio Gaudenzi BEng(Hons) MSc MIET
    Electronics R&D Manager at novosound
  • Mostafa Afgani
    I have had the pleasure of working with Angelos for 3 years in his role as a Firmware Engineer at PureLiFi. Angelos brings a range of skills to a business aside from his technical knowledge in software and firmware design. He is a great asset in terms of his interpersonal skills and team work. Angelos can always be relied upon to help and mentor his peers. He is always willing to contribute to projects and is very professional in his approach. His infectious enthusiasm would help the culture of any company and I wish him the very best of luck in his next venture.
    Mostafa Afgani
    CTO and co-founder at pureLiFi Ltd
  • Benedetto Bordone
    It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Angelos Spanos in the last three months. Angelos has helped the loft develop its very first application. A seemingly difficult task was made easy thanks to Angelos's kindness, flexibility and attention to detail. He is truly committed to great service. He provided excellent advice and support and we now consider him as an extension of our team on all things digital.
    Benedetto Bordone
    Helping people succeed using the power of their brands
  • Chetan Yadav
    I worked with Angelos while developing Wifi IP at Imagination Technologies. He is a good engineer, always motivated and keen to excel at his work. During the project he demonstrated that he was a fast learner, took on responsibility quickly and delivered designs on time. He was also diligent with verification and made sure that any problem raised with him was resolved quickly. He added value to our team and I would recommend him to any future employers.
    Chetan Yadav
    Staff Design Engineer at Samsung Cambridge Solution Centre
  • Fabrice Baray
    It's always a pleasure to work with open minded person like Angelos. Innovative methodologies are more than welcome, he always proposes enhancements in a constant search of refinement and efficiency. Thanks to his solid hardware and software development competencies, projects are being alive and goals achieved and with an unshakable enthusiastic mood. Without any doubt he will be an asset for the projects he will be involved in.
    Fabrice Baray
    R&D software engineer at Real Intent
  • Efthimios Davrazos
    I have worked with Angelos at Analogies S.A. Angelos is a focused and hard working engineer that wants to deliver the best results to his employers. He is well organized and provides a thorough framework supporting his designs, consisting of test-bench, test-cases and documentation alongside his deliverables. I am happy to recommend Angelos to any employer.
    Efthimios Davrazos
    Senior Analog Design Engineer at u-blox
  • Alex Alexandropoulos
    I worked with Angelos at ST Microelectronics and Analogies S.A. at the digital microchip design department. Angelos has been a great co-worker and a pleasure to work with. He is focused on his goals and very reliable. His deliverables are up to standard and based on the specification and plan. In addition, his communication skills are excellent and fits greatly with the rest of the team. I highly recommend Angelos as a programmer or project manager.
    Alex Alexandropoulos
    Senior Digital IC Design Engineer
  • Dalibor Randjelovic
    I have worked with Angelos at the IP development department of Imagination Technologies PLC. Angelos has been a great engineer and co-worker. He is very creative and focused on delivering the IPs assigned to him, fully tested and documented. Furthermore, he is always trying to improve the overall SoC design by identifying optimizations to the software or RTL layer. He has great communication skills which facilitates inter-department communication. Also, he has an entrepreneurial outlook and proposes solutions that improve the IPs value and match better the clients needs. I would highly recommend Angelos to any future employer.
    Dalibor Randjelovic
    Leading Design Engineer at Imagination Technologies
  • Evangelos Lalos
    Although he joined the company(Analogies S.A) as an entry-level engineer, he had in-depth knowledge and hands on experience on designing and testing not only small Verilog modules but fully functioning stand-alone systems . He possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work in coordination with other engineers to deliver on time. His proficiency and expertise has assisted him in resolving many critical technical matters. He was always enthusiastic and willing to learn new things related to his work.
    Evangelos Lalos
    Semiconductors Professional
  • Fotios Gioulekas, Dipl. El. Eng., PhD
    I supervised Angelos (while I was with Analogies until Jan. 2011) over the design of the LTE turbo encoder/decoder IP. Angelos has been a greatly efficient FPGA designer and both Verilog & Matlab proficient. He worked based on the specification and plan that was discussed at the start of date and gave regular updates on the completion of his tasks. Angelos has been very focused on the business goal and has been excited in seeing the overall process from design to verification. I whole-heatedly recommend him for anyone looking for an employee or contractor.
    Fotios Gioulekas, Dipl. El. Eng., PhD
    ICT Specialist
  • Carl Elmen
    Angelos is a highly skilled electronic engineer. In addition to digital design, he is well-versed in a number of programming languages. He is a self-starter that can plan and perform his work independently and he quickly picks up new information. Angelos is also very creative and he has an entrepreneurial mindset. He is genuinely interested in seeing the application of the products he has worked on along with all aspects of the lifecycle, from R&D and validation to production and test. I can highly recommend him for any future employer.
    Carl Elmen
    Test Development Consultant


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